OGAds (API Offerwall)

⇒ Configure your OGAds like this https://mintly.mintsoft.org/networks/cpa/edit?id=16

⇒ But in the URL Secret input field set any different random alphanumeric characters.

⇒ Then register and login to your OGAds dashboard and go to Offer API and click on Generate API Key button :


⇒ Generate and copy the API key :


⇒ Now go back to your backend configuration and find Header (if any) input field.

⇒ In the Header field write your API key like Authorization:Bearer YOUR_API_KEY

⇒ Then copy the Postback URL from the backend :


⇒ Paste the URL in your OGAds dashboard :


⇒ Click on Save button and you are done.

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