Adgem (web offerwall)

⇒ Login to your backend.

⇒ Go to Offerwalls > Web Offerwalls

⇒ Click on create button:


⇒ Set the configuration as shown below. Then set a random alphanumeric characters in URL Secret input field. In App ID part put any random numbers. But keep in mind that you will need to change it later.


⇒ Sign up and login to your Adgem account.

⇒ Click on Properties & Apps from sidebar. Then click on New Property button.


⇒ Set your property name, URL and description. If your app is already on PlayStore then it's better if you provide the PlayStore app link.


⇒ Copy the Postback URL from the backend:


⇒ Paste the Postback URL in your ad network ongoing setup page and click on Create :


⇒ Now copy the App ID from your created ad unit. Then paste it in your ad network configuration as highlighted in red text above.



⇒ In Ad Network dashboard go to Offerwall tab and setup ash shown:


⇒  After click on Save button you are done.


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